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In this age of GPS and omniscient power available to anyone with Google, is it possible to feel true wonder?  I believe it is.  Scale becomes lost in these aerial photographs taken from commercial airplanes and the details of time and place are absent.  We are left with lines and forms that take us from the specific into the abstract. 


In graduate school, I explored the idea of creating images that stressed the essential nature of my subject rather than its particular details.  I believed that if I could eliminate the specificity inherent in the medium of photography, I would evoke a deeper emotional response.  I wanted to make pictures that felt like Mark Rothko’s paintings, yet maintained the uniquely firm connection that photography has with reality. 


After struggling with this question for 2 years, I took a trip by airplane to visit my family and sat beside the window, as I have always loved to do.  This time, when I looked out, I realized I had found my subject.  I created these photographs during 32 flights over 5 years, across the country and overseas.  In these images, time stands still while the outside world moves so fast.